The simple things in life.

Money makes the world go around, well, that’s what they say. Yes I like money, yes life is easier with money and yes I would love to win the 10 million dollar powerball this Thursday, but the reality is, I won’t. No it’s not impossible, but the 1 in 8,145,060 odds that I will win, doesn’t really fall in my favour, plus there’s the fact I haven’t brought a ticket, therefore, in that case, my odds are down to zero.
But why is money so important? why can’t we just focus on the simple things in life? What is it that is holding us back?

Everything seems to have a price on it, it’s not often you organise to do something with someone without spending a pretty penny. 

It’s like you can’t do anything without spending a little… Or a lot of money. Technology for one, most of us are guilty of spending loads just to have the latest and greatest. Kids these days, using iPads when they are 2 years old, when I was 2, I was eating mud!

Unfortunatly these days most of the simple things get left behind, we have to work, pay bills, clean and run around (maybe sleep somewhere in there) and when we do have that little time to sit and see what’s in front of us, our minds are going a billion miles an hour, thinking about what we have to buy next  to get by, we can’t seem to slow down and just… Enjoy


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